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JSC “Electronstandart-pribor” provides affordable safety products including flame detectors, combustible gas detectors, toxic gas detectors, IR detectors and associated accessories. We also provide complete turnkey fire and gas control systems for industrial safety. “Electronstandart-pribor” designs, manufactures and commissions the system that best meets the customer’s specifications. On-going field support and customer service maintain the protection of lives and infrastructure in hazardous environments. Our line of industry-leading products, services and systems benefits society, saves lives and preserves capital resources.

Our team of more than 250 employees – including professional engineers, safety architects, sales engineers, technicians and customer service staff – provides exceptional service in meeting our customers’ needs. We conduct on-site evaluations to ensure that our recommendations meet and exceed the requirements for the safety of personnel and property.

“Electronstandart-pribor” full line of flame detectors and gas detectors carries compliance certifications from a variety of industry certification agencies.

Flame Detector IPES IR/UV   Flame Detector IPES IR3
IPES-IR/UV’s advanced detection technology includes optical filters configured for maximum sensitivity to radiation produced by flame or fire and ensures rapid flame recognition and alarm signaling. Upon fire recognition within its 90-degree field of view, the IPES-IR/UV signals a change in state from normal operation to fire in any OEM or proprietary alarm and response system.  

The state-of-the-art multi-spectral infrared technology of ESP Safety’s Model IPES-IR3 Flame Detector affords the highest level of sensitivity in detecting flames from hydrocarbon based liquids and gases within a wide field of view. IPES-IR3’s advanced detection technology ensures rapid alarm signaling, while selective, multi-spectral technology virtually eliminates false alarms, ignoring false triggers from sources where UV in other detectors may be a problem, such as direct or indirect sunlight, arc welder flash, resistive heaters, fluorescent, halogen, and incandescent light.

Gas Detector SGOES M11   Open Path Combustible Gas Detector TGAES

SGOES Gas Detector monitors concentration of hydrocarbon gases in the environment. The SGOES is configured to report alarms when the gas concentrations in the environment reach each of three independently programmable levels, expressed as a percentage of the lower explosive limit (LEL) in the air. As determined by application requirements, the SGOES is factory calibrated with one of eight hydrocarbon-based gases (typically methane or propane).


TGAES Gas Detector is an open path infrared gas detection system that provides continuous monitoring of combustible hydrocarbon gas concentrations at a distance of 5 to 200 meters. Standard system outputs include an electrically isolated/non-isolated 4-20 mA DC current output, with HART and RS-485 MODBUS communication. Alarm and fault relays are available as an option.

TGAES Gas Detector delivers superior open path combustible gas detection for protection of oil/gas and other industrial facilities. The Gas Detection system is especially useful for perimeter monitoring and applications where combustible gas/vapor leaks can happen over a widely dispersed area.

Toxic Gas detector SSS-903M   Fire and Gas Control Systems

SSS-903 Toxic Gas Detector is designed to safely detect and monitor a variety of toxic gases in the air, including hydrogen sulfide, carbon monoxide, chlorine, nitric oxide, and sulfur dioxide, over a range of 0-100 ppm. By connecting the sensor to the transmitter, the SSS-903 is programmed to automatically recognize a sensor’s gas type and gas concentration required for calibration. This eliminates the need of operator programming in replacing a sensor or changing gas types.

  UPES Multi-Channel Controller offers maximum flexibility to users as a standalone, independent control system that can also be interfaced to a PLC or DCS system. This advanced microprocessor-based monitoring system is compatible with all flame-detection and gas-sensor products offered by Electronstandart-pribor. Utilizing the analog outputs, 16 of detectors and sensors can operate in any combination. Utilizing the digital outputs, 480 of detectors and sensors can operate in any combination.
“FIREAIM F&G System”   Sampling Unit OGPES
The «FireAim» Fire and Gas System (F&G) is designed to protect the plant personnel and equipment from hazardous conditions such as fire and dangerous gases. The System monitors area where fire or flammable gases potential build up may occur, detects hazardous events, alerts personnel and initiates timely actions in order to prevent or minimize the consequences of critical events. The «FireAim» F&G System communicates with input devices (detectors) and can interface with an Emergency Shutdown System (ESD) to initiate an automatic shutdown. The System can monitor conditions and collect data such as fire, gas, smoke, pressure, temperature and heat rate of rise. The F&G System opportunity ranges from a simple alarm to sophisticated system integrating fire and gas detection devices, logic controls, graphical interface and remote workstation. The capability of simultaneous interface via analog 4-20 mA, RS-485 Modbus RTU and Relay contact insures that both new and legacy detectors can be deployed.  


The JSC “Electronstandart-pribor” OGPES is a sampling unit for continuous sampling of gas and air mixtures. OGPES can be used for most industrial gases. An electronic circuit monitors the flow rate internally and advises if the flow rate in the input line falls below a predefined minimum threshold. OGPES combined with ESP Gas detectors, transmitters for gas monitoring purposes


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