The sensor for detecting the temperature excess of DOTES is designed to control the ambient temperature in the places of installation of the technological equipment of the pumping stations of the main oil and gas pipelines, tank farms, loading racks and the issuance of an alarm signal that the temperature has reached the permissible temperature.

  • Gas pumping stations
  • Under the casings of gas turbines
  • Location of power equipment on ships, submarines, ships and offshore platforms
  • Explosive areas of premises and external installations, underground mine workings, mines and their ground structures, hazardous for mine gas and / or combustible dust

  • High measurement accuracy
  • Automatic reset is provided with a decrease in temperature.
  • The sensors are capable of continuous 24/7 operation
  • Resistance to increased ambient temperature equal to the maximum normal temperature
  • Vibration resistance

The sensors meet the requirements of GOST R 53325-2012. The sensor housing corresponds to GOST 14254 for IP67 group.

Title Value
Body Material Aluminum
Output signals

relay "dry contact" NC

Explosion protection type

DOTES-1 - 1 Exd IIC T5

DOTES-2, -3 - 1 Exd IIC T3

DOTES-4 - 1 Exd IIC T2

Protection against dust and moisture


Operating temperature range

DOTES-1 - from -60 to +90 оС

DOTES-2 - from -60 to +170 оС

DOTES-3 - from -60 to +190 оС

DOTES-4 - from -60 to +240 оС

Relative humidity,% up to 93% at a temperature of 40 ° C
Overall dimensions, not more than 300 × 130 × 90 mm
Mass, not more than 2.3 kg
Average service life, not less than 210 × 80 × 80 mm
Mass 10 years
Warranty 18 months


Sensor temperature and response time:

Symbol of execution Designation of the main construction document Maximum normal temperature, ° С The operating temperature, ° С is minimal. Maximum run-in time, ° С, maximum
DOTES-1 ЖСКФ.405242.004 76 80 90
DOTES-2 ЖСКФ.405242.004-01 146 150 170
DOTES-3 ЖСКФ.405242.004-02 166 170 190
DOTES-4 ЖСКФ.405242.004-03 209 215 235
  • 1 M20 cable gland
  • Blanket
  • Fixing kit
  • Documentation and software on disk



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