The quality management system of the JSC Electronstandart-Pribor ensures guaranteed fulfillment of customers’ demands related to the quality of products and their compliance with the mandatory requirements and the terms and conditions of contracts (agreements) and regulations for the products; prevention (avoidance) of manufacturing of products that do not comply with the established requirements; consistent level of quality of manufactured products and manufacturing processes; observation of the requirements of technical documentation related to production operations and manufactured products.

The quality management system of the JSC Electronstandart-Pribor is based on the principle of the “process approach”. The Company’s whole activity is regarded as a combination of interconnected and controlled processes that convert the initial data for their implementation into the outgoing data, or initial data, for the implementation of the successive process.


Management of each Company’s QMS process is implemented according to the scheme of control cycle with a feed-back function. It includes:

  • planning of the process and resources required for the fulfillment of the requirements of specific customers;
  • process management for its appropriate implementation;
  • control of how the requirements are fulfilled and planned results are obtained;
  • adjustment measures aimed at the improvement of the process, resources, methods of monitoring and measuring.

Procedures of the Company’s QMS allow to invite competent outside contractors to work on the implementation of the processes.

In case of contracting to an outside company of works that influence the compliance of products with the established requirements JSC Electronstandart-Pribor oversees their execution.

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