Intellectual technologies of field development

JSC "Electronstandart Instrument" offers an intelligent control technology for the development of the field on the basis of a complex of software and hardware of automated control systems, the implementation of which optimizes the continuous production cycle, increases production and increases the life of the field, reduces operating costs and will effectively manage the development of the field with the analysis of all elements of the technological chain "formation-well-GSS-DKS-UKPG"

Continuous well management system

The system of performance and safety control of wells developed by JSC "Electronstandard-appliance" is based on continuous measurement of the main indicators of well functioning and their analysis.

The ESP system collects data from temperature, pressure, flow, density, vibration, corrosion, leakage, sand and drip moisture sensors, and then processes and transmits real-time data on the well.

This system can be used for wells of oil and gas fields located both on land and under water.


JSC "Electronstandard-appliance" carries out a complex of services in the design, production, supply, installation, shearing and commissioning of industrial process facilities, as well as safety systems and automatic control systems for technological processes at industrial facilities.

On the basis of the enterprise, the Capital Construction Department was created, which for many years successfully implements the complex of tasks for the design and construction of complex and unique industrial process facilities, as well as the introduction of emergency protection (PA) and automatic process control systems (ACS TP) at industrial facilities

Construction and installation

Also JSC "Electronstandard-appliance" carries out erection and construction works on industrial technological objects. As part of the installation work, we offer the installation and commissioning of "turnkey"

Hardware-software complex for automatic control of gas-pumping units.

JSC "Electronstandard-device is a developer and manufacturer of a hardware-software complex for automatic control of gas pumping units.

The hardware and software complex provides all the necessary functions for controlling and protecting the turbine. The implemented functions of the gas turbine include fuel management, start sequence, overspeed protection, auxiliary control, status monitoring, automatic synchronization, frequency control.


The main advantages of the hardware-software complex of the SAU GPA of the JSC "Electronstandard-appliance" are:

  • An open management system (without black boxes).
  • High-speed controller (<20 ms)
  • Fully integrated over-speed protection solution
  • Simple and economical service

Life cycle

JSC "Electronstandart Instrument" continues to support after commissioning for continuous and reliable operation of the turbine. We provide comprehensive services to support the hardware and software complex, tuning and upgrading, as well as training.

Joint-stock company “Electronstandart-pribor” designs, develops, manufactures and supplies systems of fire and gas protection for oil and gas industry including commissioning, servicing, warranty and post-warranty maintenance of components and systems of emergency protection, automated process control systems and their integrated components (technical means and software support).

Over many years, since the moment of foundation JSC “Electronstandart-pribor” has been having effective cooperation with the main local and foreign oil and gas companies, realizing the major projects both in construction and modernization of various facilities.

JSC “Electronstandart-pribor” has been developing dynamically and our products is continuously modernized, the number of applied functions is growing.

The products manufactured by the Company have gained a well-deserved reputation for their high quality and reliability, efficiency and functionality. All manufactured systems have certificates of compliance with the European and International Standards, such as ATEX, FM, TUV, ABS and others.

The main goal of our company is to provide best solutions for enterprises of various fields of industry in the following spheres:

  • turnkey construction of systems of industrial control for different industries;
  • development, modernization and completion of systems of industrial control, which are already installed at facilities.

Our company’s work is based on integrated equipment of customer’s facilities with systems of fire and gas detection, including:

  • projecting of the given systems subjected to integration in systems of industrial control and separately;
  • manufacturing and supply of the given systems;
  • mounting, starting-up and adjustment;
  • warranty and after-sales services.

JSC “Electronstandart-pribor” maintains a growing network of sales offices and manufacturer's representatives worldwide, Belarus, Kazakhstan, India, Bolivia, Venezuela, Iran, Argentina.

The main reasons of success of JSC “Electronstandart-pribor” are the continual adaptation of our production to the demands of market and customer’s requests in field of analyzing equipment and use of latest informational technologies in our up-to-date developments.


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